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Virtual Consult MD was formed in 2015 by physicians with the mission to bring speciality health care such as Psychiatry and Neurology to underserved communities.  We strive to provide our partners and patients with the best therapeutic and medical quality services available utilizing advanced technologies such as telemedicine.

With clinics serving Indiana, we are continuing to expand and build new partnerships to help virtually connect patients to quality healthcare within areas that currently have a barrier to access. By collaborating with local communities, we will offer patients the specialty care they require.

Meet Our Executive Team

We are dedicated to creating better health through guidance & communication


Dr. Kaushal is a physician and entrepreneur equipped with years of clinical knowledge and hands-on-experience. He has demonstrated a repetitive track record for success in the areas of: clinical medicine and research, medical management, analytical and strategic planning, as well as a passion for teaching and continued education. He has a penchant for multitasking with a diligent work ethic.

Having developed a strong interpersonal skill set and the ability to develop quick rapport with not only patients, but with KOLs within the healthcare industry, Dr. Kaushal strives for professional growth focused towards enhancing the quality and continuity of patient care.

Dr. Kaushal is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of a privately physician-owned medical practice – Virtual Consult MD – a leading telepsychiatry consulting service. In addition to the above-mentioned role, Dr. Kaushal is a graduate Executive MBA at the University at Buffalo School of Management.

Gaurav Kaushal, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Jariwala is a U.S. Board Certified Psychiatrist after attending Ross University School of Medicine and completing a general psychiatry residency from Vanderbilt University. Currently, he is an active staff member of Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes, Indiana providing outpatient services for the community. For over 6 years, Dr. Jariwala has been working in the field of child, adolescent and adult psychiatry with a primary focus on Anxiety, Mood Disorder and PTSD.

Dr. Jariwala frequently works with patients who have a combination of physical and mental health problems who require special attention to working out potential medication interactions. He enjoys working with his patients to help them find an alternative path in their health care. He strongly believes that educating patients about their health conditions, symptoms and treatment options is of the utmost importance in medical practice. He emphasizes working with patients to collaboratively find the necessary tools for their health and wellness that are both effective and easily accessible.

Dr. Jariwala has always been passionate about providing psychiatric services to those in need. Developing Virtual Consult MD has been a personal achievement and together with his colleagues, he will strive to provide quality mental health services to outreach communities.

Neil Jariwala, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Latefi is a dedicated health IT professional with 5 years experience in patient care and 9 years experience in IT, ranging from business intelligence to system administration. He has received a Medical Degree from Poznan University, and a Masters in Information Systems from Boston University.

His knowledge in computer technology and passion for healthcare drives him to develop and implement the best solutions which can deliver high quality healthcare that is more accessible, more affordable and improves patient outcomes. Through Virtual Consult MD, he is helping deliver quality mental health care to underserved areas with telemedicine.

Babak Latefi, MD, MSCIS

Chief Information Officer