Teletherapy is an application of telemedicine to the field of mental health therapy. Through the use of HIPAA compliant telecommunications technology, patients can receive mental health care from therapists and psychologists from remote locations.


With the shortage of all types of mental health specialists across the United States, the use of teletherapy is helping bring care to areas that are most in need. Teletherapy allows us to to serve more patients by providing healthcare to rural or under-served areas that have a barrier to access. 

Here at Virtual Consult MD, we provide teletherapy services at our many office locations, and can bring our services to schools, hospitals, nursing homes and businesses . Our therapists are available at each location to assist patients with their therapy needs. We collaborate with local community healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical agencies/facilities in an effort to provide quality and continuity of care.

Our licensed socials workers (LCSW) are dedicated in bringing the best mental health care possible.  The next time you need the help you deserve, contact Virtual Consult MD and communicate your way to better health. “We Connect. We Consult. We Care.”

Benefits of Teletherapy




How it Works


Contact the nearest Virtual Consult MD Office or schedule your appointment online today by clicking on the “Make Appointment” button.

Step 1

Upon arrival to our office, please check in with the front reception desk where you will be registered. Complete any necessary forms prior to the start of your appointment. (If you are an existing patient, please provide our office with any updates to your medical history.)

Note: Please download and complete the “Intake Form” on our website and bring it to your visit. This will save time during the registration process.

Step 2

Once registration is complete, a medical professional will seat you in a Virtual Suite, where you will be informed of what is to be expected in a telepsychiatry visit.

Step 3

The medical professional will initiate the encounter between you and the healthcare provider. Once the connection has been established, the medical professional will leave the room and you may begin your private face-to-face visit with the specialist.


At the end of your visit, please check out at the reception desk.

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Here at Virtual Consult MD we welcome ALL individuals regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual identity or orientation, socio-economic status, and marital status. We assure you that your beliefs and lifestyle are respected. We welcome you with complete acceptance and compassion.