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Bipolar Disorder are serious conditions that can cause impairment in daily life, damage to relationships with family or friends, and can impair work or school functioning. Also known as manic-depressive illness, patients with Bipolar Disorder experience unusual shifts in their mood, energy level, sleep patterns, and general functioning. Although it can be difficult to diagnose in some cases, the illness can be thoughtfully and effective treated. Patients suffering from it can lead meaningful and productive lives after getting the proper treatment under the care of a psychiatrist. If you think that you might be suffering from this illness, come in for a consultation and we can start to help you. There are different forms of Bipolar Disorder that are listed.


If you think you may have a Bipolar Disorder, do not hesitate to come in for an evaluation. Since there can be overlap in symptoms with other mood disorders and especially depressive disorders, it is important to fully understand your history and establish an accurate diagnosis. We conduct careful assessments and if you are diagnosed with a Bipolar Disorder, we can start treatment using a combined approach of medications and therapy.


• Feeling on top of the world or exceedingly happy
• Feeling very irritable
• Talking very fast, not allowing others to interrupt you
• Increased impulsivity
• Trying to complete many tasks but finishing none
• Being distracted
• Restlessness
• Engaging in high-risk behaviors
• Feeling tired or run down
• Thinking of hurting yourself or trying to hurt yourself
• Sleeping very little

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