How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a Virtual Consult MD visit varies depending on your insurance provider plan design. A telepsychiatry visit is equivalent to an outpatient psychiatry office visit as recognized by most commercial insurances as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Do I speak with real specialist?

Yes. All Virtual Consult MD patients’ speak with a psychiatric healthcare provider. All of our providers are U.S. board-certified Psychiatrists and U.S. board-certified Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Mental Health/Psychiatry licensed within the state of Indiana.

What are some common conditions Virtual Consult MD treats?

Common conditions include but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse/addiction and medication management.

Does Virtual Consult MD offer any additional mental health services?

Yes. Virtual Consult MD provides patients with both individual and group psychotherapy. Psychotherapy entails sessions geared towards cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy and occupational therapy. Our wide array of mental health services allows patients’ to enhance their quality of life by providing continuity of care.

Does Virtual Consult MD handle emergency situations?

NO. Virtual Consult MD is designed to handle non-emergent mental health/psychiatric problems. You should NOT use Virtual Consult MD if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Can I get a prescription?

Yes. Our healthcare providers are all U.S. board-certified specialist licensed to prescribe medications in the state of Indiana. Virtual Consult MD does not guarantee prescriptions. It is at the discretion of the healthcare provider to recommend the best course of treatment and act in the best interest of the patient.

Is my electronic health record kept private?

Yes. Your health records are kept totally private and you determine who has access to information in your record. Our systems are HIPAA Compliant and HI-TECH Authorized with robust encryption methods put in place to protect your personal information.

What if I have a question/concern after my visit?

Virtual Consult MD is passionate in virtually connecting your mental health needs. Our healthcare providers strive to provide you with the quality and continuity of care you deserve. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your visit, please contact our office directly. You may also use our website to send an email and one of our staff will respond to your questions or concerns. All verbal and written correspondence are kept private and documented within your health records for safe keeping.

How do I access Virtual Consult MD service?

To access the online group therapy, please visit our website to view and schedule an appointment for the session you desire. It is not guaranteed that you will attain a spot in the online group therapy sessions as spots are first come first serve.

To be seen by a psychiatrist, you must visit the nearest Virtual Consult MD Virtual Office. Walk-ins are welcome as are appointments.

How does it work?

Please refer to How It Works for complete details.

Can I talk to the same mental health specialist each time I request a therapy session or visit to Virtual Consult MD Virtual Office?

Yes. Patients can choose to see either the same specialist or a different one. It is your choice.