Virtual Consult MD offers support for Psychiatric care and Management of Psychiatric medications. Our staff of licensed Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners will work with you to determine if medication is the right path and, if so, which medications will work best to address your specific needs and improve your overall quality of life. We help our patients keep track of drug dosage, monitor symptoms and stay aware of adverse reactions that could arise in the course of treatment.


Psychiatric Medication Management is the use of psychotropic medications based off of an initial evaluation that is performed by our licensed providers . Our patients follow up on a routine basis to monitor and adjust these prescriptions as related to their daily lives.  Our providers carefully review your history and past/current medications while listening to your treatment goals to help improve your overall physical and mental health.

Our providers are experienced in providing Psychiatric evaluation and medication management for mental health conditions, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


When you first see your psychiatric practitioner, he or she will perform an initial checkup called an assessment, which will include an overview of your symptoms and collection of your medical history. A determination will then be made about whether or not the medication is a viable option for treating your particular mental health disorder.

Based on this assessment, the doctor will then make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan designed with your specific needs in mind. The decision is ultimately up to the patient. If it is decided to move forward with this option, various medications, possible side effects, and proper dosages will be discussed.

Initially, the medication will be prescribed for a trial period to observe and monitor its effectiveness. This is where the “medication management” portion of psychiatric care comes into play. If the treatment is meeting the patient’s goals, the patient will be advised to keep moving forward. However, different medications affect brain chemistry in different ways, so not everyone will respond well to a particular prescription.

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