Pharmacogenomics panel gives clues on how your body responds to a therapeutic drug by examining the influence of genetic factors on absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and action of therapeutic drugs. This guides the physicians in recommending appropriate drug and dose, which in turn increases therapeutic efficacy and minimizes the possibility of adverse drug reactions. This test tailors the therapy based on our genetic constitution and hence is a life saver. USFDA made this test mandatory for certain drugs to ensure safety and efficacy. When everything in life can be customized, why not customize your therapy?


Our licensed providers will order this test to guide your present or future therapy for the following reasons

  • To identify the medication that is suitable for you

  • To adjust the dose of medication

  • To prescribe alternate therapy

  • To prevent the adverse reactions associated with certain medication


Sample collection and transport

One of our trained CMAs will collect whole blood samples or buccal swab in a specific container. The sample will be sent to the lab at ambient temperature.

Test Procedure

Genomic DNA will be extracted from the collected sample and the quality and quantity of this extracted DNA will be assessed. The genetic markers will be evaluated using Taqman OpenArray PGX Express panel on a real-time PCR machine, “QuantStudioTM12K Flex”. The genetic data will be processed further using Bioinformatics tools to understand its impact on the drug metabolizer phenotype.

Test Report

The test report will be shared with our ordering Provider who will guide you on suitability of specific medications and their respective doses.

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