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Child, Adolescent & Adult Therapy

Education & Training

Master of Social Work: University of Southern Indiana

Bachelors in Psychology: University of Southern Indiana


“Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats”–Voltaire I am a licensed clinical social worker actively practicing in Evansville, IN. I am honored to practice in my hometown and strive to be a safe haven in the storms of life. My scope of practice ranges from children age 5, up to adults of all ages. I utilize a wide variety of psychotherapy models in my practice and focus on creating positive rapport and trust so my clients will feel safe to allow themselves to be vulnerable so real change and growth can be made. I strive to be relatable and transparent so my clients can meet their goals of treatment

I work with clients all along the lifespan as young age 5. I utilize a range of models in my practice and have training in trauma-focused CBT and EMDR. I also incorporate Mindfulness and Positive Psychology in my sessions. From anxiety and depression to trauma and loss, I offer a wide variety of services to my clients.

The most important aspect of success in therapy is positive raport and trust in the clinician. I work hard to create a safe space where my clients are comfortable and feel respected and heard! I offer a judgement-free space where clients can be vulnerable and feel understood as they navigate the storms of their lives.