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Child, Adolescent and Adult Therapy

Education & Training

Masters in Art Therapy: Saint Mary of the Woods College

Bachelors in Psychology: University of Evansville


Anna Durbin is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Art Therapist. She studied Art Therapy at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in West Terre Haute, Indiana. Anna began her career as a therapist in Home Based Services with families involved with the Department of Child Services or Probation. Trauma, abuse and anxiety were her primary areas of focus during her six years of therapy; however, due to the variety of settings in which she has worked, Anna is competent with a variety of issues and diagnoses. She feels getting to know the client and working with their individual needs is paramount to success in the therapeutic relationship.

Being an Art Therapist, Anna brings different insight into treatment. Art therapy functions as a coping skill and diagnostic assistant. Art brings form to things words often cannot. Art therapy is about the process of making the art, not the final product, so even people who are not comfortable with their artistic skills can benefit from art therapy.Art therapy is useful with PTSD, depression, other trauma and a variety of other diagnosis and symptoms. Anna utilized art therapy with three year olds all the way up to elderly clients. Getting the hands moving, gets the mouth moving and the whole brain engaged.