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Oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD, is a behavior condition that affects children and teens. Those who have it are angry, argumentative, and defiant much more often than others in their age group. The behaviors associated with ODD have a negative effect on the child’s or teen’s relationships and ability to do well in school and at home.


Children with ODD may need to try different therapists and types of therapies before they find what works for them. Treatment may include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy. A child learns to better solve problems and communicate. They also learn how to control impulses and anger.

  • Family therapy. This therapy helps make changes in the family. It improves communication skills and family interactions. Having a child with ODD can be very hard for parents. It can also cause problems for siblings. Parents and siblings need support and understanding.

  • Peer group therapy. A child learns better social skills.

  • Medicines. These are not often used to treat ODD. But a child may need them for other symptoms or disorders, such as ADHD or anxiety disorders.


  • Frequent temper tantrums.

  • Constant arguing with or defying adults.

  • Refusing to follow rules.

  • Annoying other people on purpose.

  • Blaming others for their own mistakes or bad behavior.

  • Acting easily annoyed by others.

  • Feelings of anger and resentment toward other people.

  • Wanting to get revenge on others.

  • Problems at school.

  • Trouble making or keeping friends.

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